Laws Whiskey House- Four Grain Cask Strength Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ML


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Laws Whiskey House, Four Grain Cask Strength Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

About the product-

AROMAS:  Baking spice, black tea, and honeysuckle
FLAVORS:  Bold notes of orange, clove and dried fruit.
MASH BILL:  60% corn, 20% heirloom wheat, 10% heirloom rye, 10% heirloom malted barley
AGED:  3+ years in new, 53-gallon oak barrels and bottled at cask strength
ALC/VOL:  Varies from batch to batch

About the producer-

2024’s World’s Best Small Batch Bourbon by the World Whiskies Awards.

Laws Whiskey carefully crafts our flagship Four Grain Bourbon and Cask Strength Bourbon in harmonious 100-barrel batches. With our fellow whiskey hunters in mind, we select some of that batch to be bottled at Cask Strength. This allows the noteworthy character and concentrated flavors to come forward at high proof.

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