Berkshire SUPER PREMIUM Boneless Pork Collar/CT Butt “The MONEY MUSCLE”


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The versatile pork collar is a cut from the top of the pork shoulder.  The Berkshire variety offers incredible marbling and intensely rich flavor. Known as the “money muscle” because it is the choice of competitive BBQ Masters because it hands down makes the best competition level pulled pork.  The versatile and succulent cut is also excellent braised, cut into chops and grilled, or used for Italian “coppa.”  Believe us when we say there is a marked difference from traditional pork butt.  Every bite of this well-marbled and flavorful pork will make you wonder why you haven’t made it before.


Average Weight is 2.5 lbs

~ Cost $17.48, but cut will be weighed and priced appropriately before pick up.

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