Compart Family Farms Duroc Bone-In Ribeye Pork Chop ~12 oz


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The Bone In Ribeye Pork Chop is beautifully marbled with a rich, meaty flavor.  Juicy, delicious and tender it’s a famous cut for a reason.

Grill, braise, saute or bread and fry these beauties.

Bone In Ribeye Pork Chops are priced at $12.99 per lb.  Average weight is approximately 12 oz, so each chop is approximately $9.74.

Each chop will be weighed and priced appropriately for pick up.

Compart Duroc promises an all natural, mouthwatering, rich flavored pork with superior tenderness and natural juiciness. Bright reddish pink in color, Compart Duroc pork contains a higher percentage of intramuscular fat and a higher pH. This selection of pork enables you to enjoy fresh pork in its natural flavor and juice, without injecting or pumping for an amazing dining experience.  Compart is famous for supplying competition level pork to the best BBQ and Smokers in the world.

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