Berkshire Super PREMIUM Boneless 1/2 LB Pork Chops- 8 PACK


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Berkshire Pork-

One of the oldest identifiable breeds of pig, the Berkshire hog was introduced to the United States in the early 1800s. The first boar to be recorded in the registry was Ace of Spades, bred by Queen Victoria. Today, many of the Berkshire breed pigs are descended from original registered animals.

Berkshire pork is special. It looks different than the pork you know. As tastes changed, modern lean hogs were bred to have very little fat, which is why most pork is more comparable to chicken these days.  Berkshire pork is succulent with a distinctive porky flavor, redder meat than conventional pork, slightly sweeter, and laced with pork fat, which results in tender and juicy pork.  Once you’ve enjoyed Berkshire pork, you’ll understand the clear difference!

Berkshire Super PREMIUM Boneless Pork Chops average ~1/2 lb each- this box contains 4- 2 pks for a total of 8 Pork Chops with a total price of $39.99.


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